About The Mustard Seed Education Foundation

The Mustard Seed Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity helping families send their kids to Catholic grade schools.

Our Founders, Dan and Tammi, are the products of Catholic Education.  Dan attended St. Agnes School in Toledo, Ohio and Tammi attended St. Anthony School in Temperance, Michigan. They both went on to attend Toledo Catholic high schools. Demographic, socioeconomic, and cultural trends changed the landscape of Toledo, many of the Catholic Schools have closed or merged, just as St. Agnes and St. Anthony have.

There are still many great parishes in Toledo. Our current parish is Most Blessed Sacrament where we sent our three daughters. It is a great school and our daughters grew academically and spiritually during their time there.


Catholic Schools teach kids, not only about science and math, but about growing in The Faith. It is this combination of teaching the knowledge for the mind and teaching the knowledge for the soul that makes Catholic schools so special.

Unfortunately, though, many Catholic schools face tough times due to rising costs and declining enrollment. So many families would love to send their children to Catholic schools but are unable to because of the tuition. Sending children to Catholic schools is a sacrifice. For some, the sacrifice is just too great. For many years, more parents have made the difficult choice of forgoing Catholic schools for the children because of economic reasons.


Blessed Sacrament Parish Festival
Most Blessed Sacrament School

We want to change that.

Although it’s too late to bring back the schools from the old days there are plenty of parents who still want to send their children to Catholic schools like Blessed Sacrament, Regina Coeli, OLPH, St. Rose, and others; but just need a little help to be able to do it.

It is with this thought in mind that we have co-founded The Mustard Seed Education Foundation. We want to help ensure that the Catholic school system flourishes well into the future. We want to do that by helping families achieve their dream of sending their children to Catholic schools.

We ask for your help in shaping the hearts, minds, and souls of our future.


Partner Catholic Schools Mustard Seed Education Foundation

Why “Mustard Seed?”

We’re named after the Parable of The Mustard Seed in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.
The parable has two meanings for us.
First, our organization helps to plant the seeds of Faith in children by helping to send them to Catholic elementary school. That seed of Faith will grow in the child and help them to know God throughout their lives.
Second, our organization is tiny in comparison to other philanthropic groups. In the world of philanthropy, we are the size of the Mustard Seed. But our message is strong and it will take root and grow.


Board of Trustees

Daniel Nester


Tammi Nester


Katie Sliwinski


Advisory Council

Kim Grilliot

Notre Dame Academy

Melissa Empie

Cardinal Stritch High School & Academy

Kevin Devine

Blessed Sacrament Parish

Mary Devine

Blessed Sacrament Parish

Marty Lahey

St. Patrick's Historic Parish

Michelle Bissell

Gesu Parish

Greg Skibinski

Regina Coeli Parish

Mark Meyer

Blessed Sacrament Parish

Tricia Dunn

Notre Dame Academy

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